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Analytics, Insights, Data


According to Gartner, 35% of chief data officers (CDOs) listed poor data literacy as a critical roadblock in establishing data and analytics as a strategic discipline within their organization.

Niyantha Technology Solutions’s multi-disciplinary approach to analytics, insights, and data helps organizations transform raw data into actionable information thereby facilitating strategic, tactical and operational decision making. We understand the limitations of legacy architecture and help drive efficiency and expand opportunities for monetizing data assets through modernization. Our consulting offerings will help you understand to leverage data assets and layout an enterprise analytics roadmap.
Niyantha Technology Solutions

By industrializing data integration, big data management, and AI/ML initiatives through our accelerators and frameworks, we help turn data into decisions, at scale.

Our investments in vertical specific innovation platforms have enabled us to engage, innovate, and operationalize solutions for clients where synthetic data and APIs are available. Our proven delivery methodology, solution accelerators, expertise in industry leading tools/platforms and a global consultant base of 3000+ specialists Data monetization opportunities through modernized data architecture Investments in vertical-specific innovation platforms that enable us to engage, innovate, and operationalize solutions for clients with synthetic data and APIs

Build intelligent enterprises, deliver measurable customer experience, and adhere to risk and compliance by implementing successful AI-ML engagements with an IT expert you can trust. Our home-grown capabilities backed by curated partnerships with leading academic universities and vendors give our clients an edge to stay ahead of the digital curve.

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