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Cloud and DevOps


DevOps as a single term is really a mixture of these approaches, in which developers and operations work together using the cloud as a single common language. In this way, both the DevOps and cloud are able to work together, as everyone is learning new definitions and approaches at the same time. Developers and operations are equally cushy with the new language of the cloud, as developers often teach operations about the code aspect and operations can teach developers about infrastructure and security, developing a meeting point that leads to strong team dynamics.

No matter the definition, the importance of cloud computing to DevOps can’t be accentuated enough. Cloud computing advances IT transformation, and with advanced tools and automation, it can enable companies to double down on their work to streamline and embed DevOps processes for greater efficiencies that are truly transformative.

Together, DevOps and cloud computing are a powerhouse. While each offers greater effectiveness and business impact, together they are able to drive meaningful IT transformation that directly impacts business goals, regardless of the DevOps definition.
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