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Going into the new decade, emerging tech will be a major force in reshaping the digital economy at a relentless pace.

Constituted by APIs, AI, virtual reality, blockchain, microservices, and quantum computing, these emerging technologies will usher a new era of digital-native business models. Adopting the technology aside; but successfully adapting to the digital economy, is a whole different ball game. It is essential to identify radical use cases for technology, accelerate the idea to production cycle, fail fast, and move faster to ensure that transformation and innovation programs generate long term value.

Within open banking, conversations have matured beyond RegTech and compliance to fostering innovation and creating cross-industry solutions that address the digital-first customer’s needs more holistically. Within healthcare, companies need to realign themselves to not only deliver value-based care but design safe, affordable care experiences that improve patient outcomes. The telecom industry is at an inflection point with the race towards 5G and smart, self-healing networks. In combination with AI and machine learning, we will witness a slew of new products and business models that will redefine our understanding of the Internet of Things altogether.

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