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Operational Process Design

And we have the domain expertise to support a digital engineering mindset to help you successfully adopt and enable new processes and technology solutions. We help you design and implement changes that create sustainable, profitable transformation.

Change is difficult to manage mainly due to user resistance and the absence of an effective framework to transition into the new state. Organization's ability to adapt to change greatly influences business success. However, change management goes beyond training and communications. It involves individual change models, communications, sponsorship, coaching, training, mobilization, and expectation management.

Niyantha Technology Solutions's Organizational Change Management (OCM) helps break down the resistance and accelerate the pace of adoption. Our approach recognizes that change management is not a one-time event, but rather an ongoing process and caters to users' needs along the engagement continuum that includes awareness, understanding, acceptance, alignment, and commitment.

Key benefits of our framework include:

  • 1. Higher chances of successful implementation and user adoption.
  • 2. Reduced cost of change management: Niyantha Technology Solutions supports OCM right from assessment to post-change program management.
  • 3. Greater ability to achieve desired business benefits.

Niyantha Technology Solutions

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