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National Title Information Services, Inc.

in all 50 states

Our Services

Municipal Lien Search

We perform full municipal searches in all 50 states.  Our clients are title agents, title attorneys, real estate asset managers, and field service managers. With our Municipal Lien Search, you can be sure there are no unrecorded municipal liabilities that could attach to the property.

Tax Search

NTIS provides tax searches, in all 50 states.  We provide timely and accurate national tax searches.

Custom Searches

If you need a customized municipal report, we are happy to help.  We can create a search product tailored to your specific needs.

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National Title Information Services, Inc.

945 S. Florida Avenue, Lakeland, FL 33803



ResWare Integrated Provider

We are fully integrated with ResWare.  Our integrated clients seamlessly and securely order and receive searches without ever leaving ResWare.  For more information, email:  support@ntis.com or 

call:  863.698.7557 X 1201

Notary Signing Services

Secured Signing Solutions, LLC is under construction.

NTIS Order Portal

Clients may access documents, add notes and even open orders in our secure portal. For quick setup and portal access, email:  support@ntis.com or call: 863.698.7557 X 1201